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A husband & wife SHARING REAL LIFE.

Remember when you first said "I Do" and how in love you were? Then came kids, work, responsibilities and laundry. Suddenly your marriage became the last thing on your priority list. WE ARE JEFF AND MANDY ROSE AND WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE MORE.
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Do you ever find yourself doing chores around the house or commuting to work? Of course you do! Do you ever find yourself bored out of your mind while engaged…

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Marriage Tees & Tanks – AVAILABLE NOW

I don't know why, but I have been so nervous to tell y'all about our new Marriage Shop. Mostly because of that little thing called "fear of rejection". If you are…

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There are some great marriage blogs out there. Seriously. In fact, there are a few in this list that have truly inspired the blog you're reading right now. We've been blogging…

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Interview With Marriage 365

If you were to look up "Super Awesome Couples" on Wikipedia, there should be a picture of Casey and Meygan Caston of For realz.... This couple is super awesome and have a HUGE passion for helping other couples ignite…